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A Quick Overview

The Memphis Music Magnet is an innovative, arts-based neighborhood revitalization concept with a Memphis twist — designed to augment the redevelopment of the Soulsville USA neighborhood by making it a community of choice for musicians, music-related creatives, and other artists.

The purpose of the Memphis Music Magnet is to create neighborhood level change in storied Soulsville USA by attracting and supporting musicians and the music industry in Memphis, celebrating the musical and artistic heritage of the neighborhood, and creating new types of social interaction and collaboration. The concept is about creating a neighborhood with amenities that support music and art, while using those creative endeavors as tools for community engagement and empowerment. It’s about creating a neighborhood where music and art tell stories, activate spaces, reclaim vacant buildings, create interaction, and connect neighbors new and old.

The Memphis Music Magnet concept is designed to achieve the following overlapping goals:

  • Promote neighborhood revitalization through physical and cultural renovation
  • Support an economic development target industry through an alternative approach
  • Infuse and sustain creativity in Memphis
  • Create a catalyst for development and growth in the Soulsville USA neighborhood

Simply put, the Memphis Music Magnet would program the Soulsville USA neighborhood with:

  • Targeted homeownership incentives and housing programs for musicians, professionals in the music industry, families of aspiring musicians, and other artists who support the overall vision
  • Place-based neighborhood amenities achieved through the restoration and reuse of empty buildings, that would appeal to musicians, broadly support creativity, and contribute to the revitalization of the neighborhood
  • Other programmatic community enhancements to attract activity to the neighborhood while using music and art to engage residents


The Memphis Music Magnet is a constantly evolving concept. Please click through the tabs above to learn more about the origin and goals of the Memphis Music Magnet, our partners, and what we have in mind for physical and cultural revitalization and placememaking in Soulsville USA!




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